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Body Contouring & Laser Liposuction

Feel Better. Look Better.
Experience the benefits of non-invasive laser lipo today! 
UltraSonic Cavitation-Lipo​

The UltraSonic Cavitation-Lipo technique breaks down fat cells and cellulite without harming neighboring organs or cells. It uses ultrasound and radio waves.   After that, the damaged fat cells will normally pass via the digestive system. With UltraSonic Cavitation-Lipo, there is no pain, scars, bleeding, risk of infection, downtime, or need for rehabilitation, in contrast to surgical fat reduction procedures.

Sounds Interesting, now what is it?

At Vibe Esthetics, we've discovered that the best results may be obtained by combining UltraSonic Cavitation-Lipo with Non-Invasive Laser-Lipo using red lights. Combining these two effective procedures allows you to liquidize the fat cell itself so it will never grow back or refill in addition to perforating the fat cells, which causes them to empty their contents and results in immediate measurement loss. Vibe Esthetics can assist you if you have ever been troubled by the weight of stubborn fat that just won't seem to go away when you look in the mirror. We assess each case individually and customize our care to give your body the best benefits, and affordable care possible. Do you struggle with having areas of your body that are overly plump? Even though you've tried diet and exercise, there are still trouble spots that, if only you could get rid of them, would make you feel much more at ease in your own skin. It is disheartening to invest a lot of time, money, and effort in weight loss initiatives only to retain fat in some areas. You can feel secure and at your best in your own skin with the aid of ultrasonic cavitation-lipo. It is a painless, non-invasive, and non-surgical alternative to surgical liposuction that will give you instantaneously smoother, more beautifully contoured skin, and a lifted appearance with no recovery period.

Body Sculpting and Laser Lipo Consultation & 1 Session- 1 Hour 30 minutes - $125

Single Session (after 1st visit) Body Sculpting & Laser Lipo Session - 1 Hour $150

Buy 4 Get 1 Half Off. $675

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