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Amanda Pennington

Owner, Vibe Esthetics

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I’m generally the quiet one in the room who doesn’t want to stand out in the crowd. I enjoy observing and helping. I love connecting and building genuine relationships.

I grew up in a small town in Missouri and went on to college in Edmond, OK after high school. I never knew home could be the windy plains of Oklahoma but I quickly fell in love and have spent my adult years as an Okie.

I have loved skin and skincare since early adulthood. Pairing that love with my passion for helping people feel better about the skin they live in and serving others naturally led me to the field of Esthetics. While I love all beauty enhancement procedures such as lash extensions, brow laminations, lash lifts, etc., my first love will always be solution-focused skincare. I want to walk alongside you in your journey to confidence.

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My husband and I have nine children. Yes, you did read that correctly. We have been blessed with many mouths to feed and each one is unique and amazing. Kyle and I are also property investors and managers as well as certified health coaches. I personally embarked on a health journey in August 2020 where I lost 80 pounds in just over 5 months. I then became an Independent Health Coach and have helped more than 250 people walk along their own health journeys and drop unhealthy pounds and inches. My husband joined me in January 2021, losing over 30 pounds in just over 2 months and fell in love with coaching, too. 

"I love helping people with their health and weight loss goals!"

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